Atom-Jet Hydraulics Shop

Atom-Jet’s qualified hydraulic repair technicians can diagnose any problem from a simple O-ring issue to the entire fabrication of cylinders. Repairing hydraulic cylinders is common for Atom-Jet, as well as the fabrication of components as part of the repair. All of the repaired and fabricated cylinders are fully tested for leaks and functionality, ensuring that the cylinder operates properly when installed.

Hydraulics Capabilities

  • Hydraulics
    • Manufacture and repair of cylinders and manifolds
    • AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Inventor, & Mastercam X6
  • Presses
    • 10T & 100T Arbor Press
    • 50T x 8′ Press Brake
  • Welding
    • SMAW, GMAW, & GTAW process for CS, SS, and Aluminum
    • Spray Welding
  • Rigging
    • 3T overhead in-shop crane
    • Level loading dock with overhead 2T monorail crane
    • 5000# forklift
    • 4000# forklift

Customer Testimonials

We were changing hydraulic cylinders every 2-3 weeks due to ongoing failures. Atom-Jet correctly identified the problems and made a new design. We haven’t changed a cylinder on this machine for over a year.

- Greg A. Agerbak, Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting