PTO & Driveline

Atom-Jet Drive-line & Balancing Shop

When a drive-line fails it is always when it is needed. With years of experience, Atom-Jet has an extensive inventory of drive-line parts including drive-line tube, u-joints, and yokes, as well as experienced technicians that can repair or fabricate your drive-line. The newly updated dynamic balancer will ensure that your drive-line runs smooth and free of vibration as well as any other rotating equipment including rotors, impellers, choppers, and many other components.

Drive-line & Balancing Capabilities

  • Drivelines
    • Manufacture, repair, and balancing of all makes/models
  • Lathe Turning
    • 9 Manual Lathes – up to 30″ diameter / 144″ length
    • Vertical Milling
    • 2 Knee Mills – Various
  • Horizontal Milling
    • 1 HBM
      • No. 5 MT, 3″ Spindle, 35″ x 44″ Rotary Table
      • X60″ x Y36″ x Z36″ x W28″
    • 1 Knee Mill
      • X45″ x Y14.5″ x Z16″
  • Presses
    • 10T & 100T Arbor Press
    • 50T x 8′ Press Brake
  • Welding
    • SMAW, GMAW, & GTAW process for CS, SS, and Aluminum
    • Spray Welding
  • Rigging
    • 3T overhead in-shop crane
    • Level loading dock with overhead 2T monorail crane
    • 5000# forklift
    • 4000# forklift

Customer Testimonials

Because of the weather, the due date for our equipment destined for Antarctica was moved up. Atom-Jet was able to accelerate the delivery of critical parts for this equipment and brought them right to our door.

- Garth Johnson|Track Industries|Calgary, Alberta